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Reflex® is a Polyurethane liner which is applied with a low pressure heated unit. Reflex® spray-on liners are available in not only a great quality jet black color, but also in almost any other vehicle color. You can easily match your truck's exterior color or use an accent color to create a unique look. OEM automotive color toners are injected into our Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry for unmatched UV stability and long lasting brilliance. When applied by our trained and certified technician Reflex® spray-on truck liners are guaranteed not to chip, warp or peel for the life of your vehicle!

Benefits Overview

Reflex® is unmatched in their durability, flexibility, and UV protection. Reflex® also has excellent sound and abrasion resistance for floors, firewalls, and inner fender wells. Reflex® material is comprised of 100% solids and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or produce flammable vapors like other liners do. Reflex® is the most environment-friendly bed liner available! Read More...


Reflex® spray-on bed liner material can be used in all kinds of different applications. From boat floors and protective panels on tractors and heavy equipment to tool box coverings - even blast resistant walls and floors. If you can dream up a use for it, we can usually apply it!

  • Residential - decks, foundations, pools, walls, roofs
  • Farm - silos, storage tanks
  • Outdoor - ponds, playground equipment, kennels
  • Marine - cargo holds, decks, hulls
  • Trailers - car, horse, utility, boats
  • Vehicles - interiors, floorboards, trunks
  • Miscellaneous - floors, signs, statues

This outdoor patio area was redone with a coating of our blue tint Reflex®

This public mens room was finished with a coating of our black Reflex®